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You can safely, securely and conveniently give on-line to the Church of the Good Shepherd. You can make a one-time gift or you can schedule your giving in advance (weekly, monthly, etc.) by setting up recurring gifts. If you are making a one-time gift, it is not necessary to register. Please keep in mind that convenience comes with a price: ACH bank draft is only 30 cents per transaction. If using a debit or credit card Good Shepherd will only receive 96.5% of your gift, the other 3.5% goes for processing fees and charges.


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However, to set up recurring gifts (weekly, monthly, etc.) or if you plan to donate again in the future, registering will save time because you only have to enter your information once, not each time you want to give. In order to complete the on-line registration process, the email address you use to register must be on file with the church. You will be able to designate where you want your contribution to go (general, missions, etc.), and the on-line system will keep a record of your contributions for end-of-the-year giving statements.


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