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Offering Options

As we virtually gather for worship in response to the COVID 19 outbreak, please know that your continued support is critical to maintaining the overall operations and stability of Good Shepherd.  There are three ways you can easily continue your weekly offering:


 • Send check via US Mail to: Church of the Good Shepherd, PO Box 5104 Knoxville, TN 37928


 • Make a one time or recurring offering using an ACH draft. Just click on ACH option in the form and provide bank account routing and account numbers.  Note that this only costs the church 30 cents per transaction versus pay 3.5% of your offering if you use the credit/debit card option.  This is our preferred option over using a credit/debit card. For example, if your offering is $100 and made through an ACH bank draft, Good Shepherd will receive all but 30 cents whereas if made via a credit/debit card, we will only receive $96.50. The $3.50 goes for card processing fees.


 • Make a one time or recurring offering with a credit or debit card.   If using a debit or credit card Good Shepherd will only receive 96.5% of your contribution, the other 3.5% going for processing fees and charges.





In inviting your continued support of Good Shepherd, we recognize that we are not only in a health crisis but in an economic one as well.  If you can give now, thank you. If you cannot at this time because of your changing financial situation, we remain one body lifting each other up and hold you in our prayers.

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