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Welcome to Good Shepherd, a vibrant congregation committed to our community’s forgotten, open to new ideas yet steeped in the Episcopal Church’s rich liturgical tradition: a place where the mysteries of the Christian perspective engage the world around us in sacred conversation. This may be just the church for you!

Thoughts from the Priest


Dear Friends,


This year, as we prepare to give thanks for the blessings of our lives, I would like to invite you to reflect upon the different areas of your life and create a private, personal covenant with God for the coming year.  Often we think of “stewardship” as what we do with our money.  So I pose a larger description of stewardship.


Stewardship is all that we do, with all that we have, all of the time.


It might help to consider it as “taking good care” and being mindful of the resources and blessings in life. Creating a covenant is a spiritual exercise which can help enrich your life and deepen your relationship with God, your family and friends, and yourself. Spiritual growth serves as foundation for how you share the fruit of your lives in living generously.




Here are some basic areas to help you get started as you take time to give thanks, and reflect:


            Relationship with the fruits of labor (possessions and money)


            Relationship with the body (body, mind, spirit)


            Relationship with the God (soul)


            Relationship with family (as a whole and individually)


            Relationship with vocation (work and/or what gives one purpose in life)


Once you have reflected upon each one, consider what changes would lead to a greater sense of wholeness and health in each area for you.  Take a moment to create one simple, doable practice for each area. You may ask, what does this have to do with covenanting with God? My response is all our day-to-day relationships reflect our relationship with God - again, stewardship is all that we do, with all that we have, all of the time.


Our children are invited to join in by putting their “promise” to God on the enclosed leaf cutout. If they want, their leaf will be placed on a Good Shepherd Generosity Tree that will be placed in the parish hall.


Enclosed is a worksheet to help guide you through this process.  It is for your eyes only.  Once you have completed your personal covenant with God, you are invited to put it in the enclosed envelope, seal and place your address on the envelope, then bring it forward at our ingathering Sunday, December 4th, along with your financial pledge for the life and ministry of Good Shepherd in 2017.  The unopened covenant envelope will be returned mid-year for you review.


In thanksgiving,


Amma Dorrie


* Click below for a worksheet to help guide you...

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